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The illusions of the West: there is no stopping the ongoing geopolitical transformations by Charles Pennaforte

Charles Penaforte wrote to  China Daily News, one of the most important newpapers from China.

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Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil: As ilusões do Ocidente: não há como parar as transformações geopolíticas em curso por Charles Pennaforte

O surgimento do Brics foi o primeiro marco no processo de renovação da dinâmica capitalista internacional, apesar das enormes assimetrias entre seus membros

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BRICS and Ethiopia: A New Frontier in Geopolitical Tug-of-War

By Ismail D. Osman In an era where global alliances are becoming ever more important, BRICS’ recent expansion to include Ethiopia is a testament to the evolving dynamics in international politics. The inclusion not only marks a strategic alignment for the coalition but also highlights Ethiopia’s growing prominence in regional geopolitics.

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The New Development Bank: BRICS and the new international economic geopolitics by Charles Pennaforte

The decline of the old order led by North Americans and Europeans is an increasingly concrete fact. We are living in new times.

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New Policy Brief #05: “The New Development Bank as a tool for international economic decentralization” by Charles Pennaforte

 “How could the BRICS Bank be configured as an alternative to the traditional economic centralization in the West? The world is currently in the process of decline of the Systemic Cycle of Accumulation led by Washington. This way, we see anti-systemic action by several countries such as China, Russia, India, and Brazil.”. (…)

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New Policy Brief #04: The geopolitical importance of the Port of Chancay, in Peru, for Brazil by Izan Araújo

“How can the Chinese investment in the Port of Chancay in Peru favor Brazil? China is building a new $3 billion port in Peru to improve maritime communication lines and increase trade in the Latin American market. The Port of Chancay is important geopolitically for the Brazilian state because it will allow Brazil to expand…
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