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BRICS and Ethiopia: A New Frontier in Geopolitical Tug-of-War

By Ismail D. Osman In an era where global alliances are becoming ever more important, BRICS’ recent expansion to include Ethiopia is a testament to the evolving dynamics in international politics. The inclusion not only marks a strategic alignment for the coalition but also highlights Ethiopia’s growing prominence in regional geopolitics.

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The New Development Bank: BRICS and the new international economic geopolitics by Charles Pennaforte

The decline of the old order led by North Americans and Europeans is an increasingly concrete fact. We are living in new times.

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It is time to prepare for the new global geopolitical cycle by Charles Pennaforte

Immanuel Wallerstein and Giovanni Arrighi have made significant contributions to the fields of international relations and contemporary capitalist economics. In their works, such as “The Decline of American Power” (2003), “The Long Twentieth Century” (2010), and “Adam Smith in Beijing: Lineages of Twenty-First Century” (2009), they offer valuable insights.

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Ukraine war: A new multipolar world is emerging by Charles Pennaforte

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 is undoubtedly one of the biggest geopolitical conflicts of the 21st century to date. What would be a regional issue in our analysis, turned into a global event with economic and geopolitical impacts that will last for decades to come. The uncritical analysis of the subject is the…
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Dilma quer expansão do banco dos Brics e não descarta moeda única

Dilma Rousseff assume cargo no banco dos Brics / Imagem: Reprodução/NDB A presidente do Banco dos Brics, Dilma Rousseff, afirmou nesta terça-feira que um de seus objetivos é o de expandir a instituição financeira e não descarta pensar na ideia de uma moeda única entre os países que formam parte do bloco. Dilma concedeu sua…
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Dilemmas of Deterrence by Joseph Nye Jr.

History reminds us that some factors, like credibility, are crucial to the success of countries’ efforts to prevent undesirable behavior by others. But studying the limits of these efforts is equally important for identifying a strategy that works.

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