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New Policy Brief #05: “The New Development Bank as a tool for international economic decentralization” by Charles Pennaforte

 “How could the BRICS Bank be configured as an alternative to the traditional economic centralization in the West? The world is currently in the process of decline of the Systemic Cycle of Accumulation led by Washington. This way, we see anti-systemic action by several countries such as China, Russia, India, and Brazil.”. (…)

20 de agosto de 2023 0

New Policy Brief #03! Brazil and the United Arab Emirates: A Geoestrategic Partnership by Mateus Santos

The United Arab Emirates represents one of Brazil’s most important commercial partners in the Arab world.

17 de junho de 2023 0

Policy Brief: Geopolitical Implications of the US-China Trade War in Mexico

The Policy Brief is produced in partnership with the International Institute of Geopolitics and Strategic Intelligence (IIGSI/USA), the Centre for Geopolitics and Foreign Affairs Studies (CENEGRI) and the Laboratory of Geopolitics, International Relations and Antisystemics Movements (LabGRIMA/Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil)

8 de maio de 2023 0

New book: The World System in Transition: a panoramic view

The collective work with International Relations reseachers from Brazil, Italy, China and Ecuador. Edited by Charles Pennaforte.

13 de abril de 2023 0

New Book: Antisystemic Movements and International Relations – a theoretical perspective for the understanding of the World-System

Professor Charles Pennaforte releases new book in English with foreword by Amine Ait-Chaalal (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique).

13 de abril de 2023 0

Charles Pennaforte lança novo livro

O Diretor-Geral do CENEGRI Charles Pennaforte está lançando o livro Brasil, Mercosul e Aliança do Pacífico: Convergência ou Antagonismo? pela Editora da Universidade Federal de Roraima.

25 de junho de 2017 0