Public perception of the Sputnik V vaccine in Argentina and Latin America by Juan Martin González Cabañas

This report aims to realize an overview of the level of preference and confidence by the public opinion regarding the Sputnik V vaccine in Argentina and other Latin America countries (Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile) based on available surveys.


source level of preferenceperiod
CELAG75%  (first place)March 2021
Poliarquía56%  (first place)March 2021
Berensztein26%  (first place)March 2021
Real time Data33%  (first place)February 2021
Giacobbe42%  (first place)November 2020
Opinaia45%  (first place)October 2020

According to the present review of opinion polls published in recent months on perceptions regarding vaccines against Covid-19, the Russian Sputnik V is the preferred vaccine by the Argentines (with an advantage of 4 out of 6 surveys reviewed).

sourcelevel of confidence in the vaccine period
Rouvier y Asociados51%March 2021
Universidad de San Andrés61%March 2021

On the basis of the previous surveys it is inferred that the perception of the level of confidence in the vaccine the Sputnik V vaccine in Argentina is quite high.

As we observed in the course of this tracking regarding the perception on coronavirus vaccines, over the months the opinion towards the Sputnik V vaccine has improved –despite the notorious and irresponsible campaign by media and opposition leaders against this vaccine– this aspect is surely related to the beginning of the vaccination plan by the Argentine government, in addition to being the main vaccine of the Argentine plan, Sputnik V did not present any major adverse results.

So far, 4.713.723 doses have been applied in Argentina (about 9% of its total population).

Political polarization also led to different opinions about Covid vaccination, where a preference was observed among supporters of the opposition (Juntos por el Cambio) towards the Pfizer and Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccines, while those with more favorable positions toward the government (Frente de Todos) are more favorable toward the Sputnik V vaccine.


sourcelevel of preferenceperiod
DataPoder7% (fourth place)August 2020
sourcelevel of confidence in the vaccine period
YouGov56%March 2021 2021


source level of preferenceperiod
El Financiero15% (second place)February 2021
Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica (GCE)18% (second place)January – March 2021 2020
Mitofsky17%( second place)April 2021
source level of confidence in the vaccine period
El Financiero66%August 2020


sourcelevel of preferenceperiod
IPSOS19% (first place)February 2021
sourcelevel of confidence in the vaccineperiod
IPSOS19%February 2021


 source level of confidence in the vaccineperiod
Cadem 33%January 2021


Based on the data provided by the surveys we can make certain inferences about our two parameters under study:

– level of preference for the Sputnik V vaccine: in Argentina (by a large margin) and Peru it is the preferred vaccine, in Mexico it occupies a marked second place of preference, and in Chile and Brazil it is much more relegated in its position.

– level of confidence in the Sputnik V vaccine: in general terms, according to public opinion studies carried out, the Sputnik V vaccine has a high degree of confidence in the Latin American countries analyzed

In chronological observation, since last year to the present, we can see that so far the trend is towards the consolidation of the position of the Sputnik V vaccine in exposure, level of preference and confidence by the citizenship and governments in Latin America.

According to this review of recent public opinion surveys, the Sputnik V vaccine is on the podium of the most reliable and preferred vaccines against Covid by Latin Americans.

Other articles by Juan Martin González Cabañas published in Vision & Global Trends. International Institute for Global Analyses’ website:

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